When a gearbox fails and brings production to a halt, operations managers may have difficulty finding a repair service nearby. Companies that specialize in gearbox repair may have a limited service area, but with ISG’s help, they could expand into new territories.

We provide support for businesses that want to broaden their client base but lack the resources to do that. We can help our member companies establish a presence close to industrial clusters where demand for gearbox service is high, and we offer ongoing administrative support for their day-to-day operations.

Our Advantage

ISG member companies keep their own branding and corporate identity. Owners can count on ISG to research markets, competition, and acquisition opportunities while business-as-usual continues. The local reputation you currently have can be recreated in new areas.

Financial Growth

In addition to growing your enterprise, when you partner with ISG, you have the opportunity to invest in our family of companies. As we collaborate and grow together, our member companies see their profits increase.


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