Pump service and distribution companies are nearly recession-proof, as their services help critical infrastructure processes and municipal plants stay online. Owners of industrial pump businesses can further insulate their companies from loss by expanding their client base, with help from ISG.

ISG’s leadership team specializes in identifying acquisition opportunities, analyzing market health, and evaluating risk. We use those skills to help our member companies broaden their services, enter new territories, and negotiate distribution agreements for new product lines.

Access to Resources

Our companies set the standard for excellence in the rotating equipment industry. As a member, you can exchange resources with other ISG businesses, collaborate on goals, and expand your network of contacts. We also offer profit-sharing opportunities.

Day-to-Day Support

Growing your business requires more than a high-level plan. ISG gives you the critical administrative resources you need to expand – legal due diligence, human resources services, financial reporting, and more.


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