Brand Story – Morin Finds Expedited Growth With ISG

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Founded by Danny and April Morin, Morin Process Equipment (2007) & Morin Repair Services (2008) specialize in the sale, distribution, repair, and service of pumps, heat exchangers, valves, and other process mechanical equipment. Morin has primarily covered the Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and greater southeast areas with its services.

Joining ISG

For 15 years, since its inception, Morin has achieved great operational success and high customer satisfaction due to the efforts of some of the most amazing managers and employees on staff in the Southeast. This success has driven tremendous growth for the company and that growth continued to increase well into 2021 and 2022 where Danny would describe it as “fast and rapid yet controlled and planned”.
Growth is great, but scaling a business takes time and resources. For at least 10 years, Danny and April received solicitations from larger industrial companies and / or “traditional private equities”. However, these solicitations were never considered by Danny, April, and the Morin team as the business plan was set forward accordingly. It was just not in the cards.
Danny had known Jim Richard (CEO of ISG) through the industrial markets / common threads throughout the years and they always had a growing and trusting relationship. Danny knew what Jim and ISG had to offer and that it was completely different from what those traditional private equities or large industrial companies put on the table.

After further discussions between Jim and Danny, the consideration of joining teams to take the Morin Companies to the next level became more attractive. With the partnership, this next level could come much faster and with much more fuel through the backing of capital.

To get where Morin wanted to be, it would have taken 8-10 years through the normal growth process, but with this partnership that timeline could be drastically reduced to 2-3 years! What was of most interest to Danny and April was that of employee growth, increased benefits, more opportunity, and better lives for their employees!

To Danny and April, this was and is truly a win-win-win situation where the Morin Companies will grow much faster, the employees will have more resources and better situations / benefits, no changes would be made to the existing business plan, there would be a continuation of the “local and entrepreneurial spirit”, and there would be no change to the company names and practices.

This was an opportunity not just for Morin as a whole, but for each and every individual and employee involved.

“I researched in great detail and with great diligence with ISG as well as interviewed more than 5 or so past owners and presidents from ISG and even groups of the past that Jim Richard was a part of and they all had the same story of ‘as advertised’ with how Jim Richard companies are run.” – Danny Morin

These qualities that Danny found through is research were very similar to the Morin team and the way they ran their business. Words that came to mind were like-minded, non-intrusive, entrepreneurial, fair, to the point, non-corporate, and having a local feel and presence. ISG with Jim was definitely the type of acquisition and situation Danny, April, and all of the Morin Employees wanted to be part of now and going forward.

To Danny, He sees ISG as DIFFERENT than any other company acquiring and partnering together.

“With ISG we get to do what we know how to do (make money, grow, and win), keep our brand, let our entrepreneurial spirit live, not change contracts with employees (keeping them safe and in a good spot), be surrounded by like-mindedness, get support but not be part of a dictatorship, receive better benefits, and the list goes on and on.” – Danny Morin

For Danny, the experience with ISG has been something that has given his company a new and fresh opportunity and has allowed his already motivated and hard working employees to advance even quicker.