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CORE is the A-Team of Industrial Maintenance Contractors. Safe. Clean. Organized. Efficient. Effective. Reliable.

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Mt. Vernon, AL Location
17490 Hwy 43 N Mt. Vernon, AL 36560
(205) 305-6237
Columbus, MS Location

380 North Steel Road, Columbus, MS 39701

(662) 617-0336

Core Industrial Maintenance prides itself on being the A-Team of Industrial Maintenance Contractors, characterized by attributes often not associated with industrial contractors: safety, cleanliness, organization, efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. Their “CORE Culture” is a blend of fundamentals, ethics, and values instilled in every team member, emphasizing details that matter. This culture promotes winning the right way, with a laser focus on safety, quality, execution, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. Since its inception, Core has been dedicated to ensuring the success of their clients’ projects, tackling tough jobs and tight deadlines with unwavering commitment. Their history is marked by top-tier business ethics, transparent agendas, well-communicated strategies, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

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