#TechnicianTuesday: Georgia Western Triumphs in Emergency Gas Line Repair

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We’re proud to highlight a remarkable achievement by Georgia Western (GW) in a recent emergency service call. 

The Challenge: Repairing a Natural Gas Line

The project involved setting the mechanical stops on a pneumatic actuator for the main gas line to a natural gas compressor station. The team was tasked with replacing a 20-year-old Ledeen operator that had suffered a mechanical failure. This old operator was replaced with a new Biffi pneumatic actuator, presenting a significant challenge.

Our Solution:

The project posed unique problems, particularly in retrofitting the old Ledeen controls to operate the new Biffi operator. Originally planned as a simple field service call to set mechanical stops, the team faced unexpected issues. Plant operators struggled to convert the Ledeen controls to the new actuator, and to add to the challenge, the controls for the new actuator were on backorder. However, leveraging his years of experience and training, Matt Campbell from GW successfully got the plant back online using the existing controls. He will return once the new actuator controls arrive to complete the upgrade.

Safety Tip:

In terms of safety, the team emphasizes the importance of not letting schedule pressure affect the quality of work or train of thought. Their advice is to follow the same protocols under pressure and focus on the task at hand.

One of the most impressive aspects of this project was the team’s ability to complete all the work using plant-provided equipment, despite the task being far beyond the original intended work scope. Remarkably, all of this was achieved without Georgia Western’s flagship pipeline field service truck.

Congratulations to Matt Campbell and the entire team at Georgia Western for their exceptional work and dedication in overcoming these challenges. Their commitment to excellence and problem-solving skills truly shines through in this project. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our talented technicians on #TechnicianTuesday!