#TechnicianTuesday: RSI Overcomes Challenges Posed by Nearly Obsolete Unit

This #TechnicianTuesday, we’re proud to feature the dedicated efforts of the Renewal Service Industrial (RSI) team, showcasing their expertise and dedication to problem-solving in the field. The Challenge: Repairing a Nearly Obsolete Unit Our team faced a critical issue with a Buffalo 2L-HSM unit, which was crucial for our customer’s operations. The unit, nearly obsolete, […]

#TechnicianTuesday: Tri-State Valve Technicians Showcase Expertise in Emergency Valve Repair

This #TechnicianTuesday, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of Drew Yount and Damon Trichell from Tri-State Valve (TVI), who demonstrated exceptional skill and ingenuity in tackling an emergency valve repair project at an electrical generation and distribution company in Arkansas. The Challenge: Emergency Repairs on a Deadline Drew and Damon faced an emergency call-out […]

#TechnicianTuesday: Soles Electric Overcomes Challenges to Restore Coal Mine Operations

This #TechnicianTuesday spotlights the exceptional efforts of the Soles Electric team in overcoming challenges and ensuring operational efficiency, even during holidays.  The Challenge: Restoring Coal Mine Operations During Easter Weekend When a local coal mine faced severe downtime due to four critical gearboxes going down, Soles Electric sprang into action. With the mines unable to […]

#TechnicianTuesday: Georgia Western Triumphs in Emergency Gas Line Repair

We’re proud to highlight a remarkable achievement by Georgia Western (GW) in a recent emergency service call.  The Challenge: Repairing a Natural Gas Line The project involved setting the mechanical stops on a pneumatic actuator for the main gas line to a natural gas compressor station. The team was tasked with replacing a 20-year-old Ledeen operator […]

Emergency Pump Repair: A Morin Case Study

Welcome to our inaugural #MechanicMonday, where we shine a spotlight on our team’s exceptional skills and dedication to excellence. In this edition, we delve into a compelling case study involving Morin’s swift action to address a critical issue for a southeast power plant, showcasing our prowess in industrial pump repair and emergency pump refurbishment. /*! […]