#TechnicianTuesday: RSI Overcomes Challenges Posed by Nearly Obsolete Unit

Table of Contents

This #TechnicianTuesday, we’re proud to feature the dedicated efforts of the Renewal Service Industrial (RSI) team, showcasing their expertise and dedication to problem-solving in the field.

The Challenge: Repairing a Nearly Obsolete Unit

Our team faced a critical issue with a Buffalo 2L-HSM unit, which was crucial for our customer’s operations. The unit, nearly obsolete, posed a significant challenge due to the difficulty in sourcing replacement parts. Understanding the urgency, our team was tasked with a rapid repair to minimize downtime for our valued customer.

Our Solution: Creating a Plan of Action

Step 1: Disassembly

Joseph Langston and John Gellerstedt disassembled the unit, ensuring all parts were carefully documented and stored.

Step 2: Assessment

Our team conducted precise measurements and identified necessary repairs and replacements.

Step 3: Collaboration

With some spare parts provided by the customer, our workflow was streamlined.

Step 4: Manufacturing

Our machinist, Steve Erichsen, fabricated new rings from raw materials to exact OEM specifications.

Step 5: Restoration

The casing underwent sandblasting, coating, and painting by Eli Ziegler, Will Schaechter, and Alban Egejuru, restoring its original condition.

Step 6: Assembly

The unit was reassembled with new seals, bearings, a shaft, and an impeller, alongside refurbished parts.

Step 7: Testing

Joseph Langston ensured the integrity of the repairs with a thorough pressure check to confirm there were no leaks.

Step 8: Completion

The refurbished pump was successfully brought back to life, saving our customer significant costs compared to sourcing a new unit. 

Challenges Overcome:

This project demonstrated that challenges come in all sizes. Despite the unit being small, its obsolescence made sourcing parts nearly impossible. Our expert team engineered parts that were not available and expertly refurbished existing ones, showcasing our repair capabilities. 

Safety Tips:

Safety is paramount with all rotating equipment. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and handle units with care, especially when dealing with potentially hazardous contents. Use proper lifting techniques to ensure the safety of both technicians and equipment. 

Team Effort:

The repair required over 30 hours of labor across several days, exemplifying our team’s dedication and expertise. 

Pride in Our Work:

“Our team is proud of the meticulous work performed on this unit. Despite the challenges and moments of frustration, we remained thorough and committed to exceeding customer expectations. Our unofficial motto, ‘It’s just what we do,’ reflects our unwavering dedication to solving problems and delivering exceptional results for our customers. We are proud to share this success story and look forward to continuing to provide top-notch repair services,” said Mike Springsteen, Improvement Director at RSI.

Join us in celebrating this success and the skilled professionals who make it happen every day at RSI!