#TechnicianTuesday: Soles Electric Overcomes Challenges to Restore Coal Mine Operations

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This #TechnicianTuesday spotlights the exceptional efforts of the Soles Electric team in overcoming challenges and ensuring operational efficiency, even during holidays. 

The Challenge: Restoring Coal Mine Operations During Easter Weekend

When a local coal mine faced severe downtime due to four critical gearboxes going down, Soles Electric sprang into action. With the mines unable to operate their belt line without these gearboxes, the Soles team faced the challenge of performing critical repairs over the Easter weekend, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Our Solution: Efficiently Disassembling and Repairing Four Gearboxes

Step 1: Immediate Planning and Action

Upon receiving the call, the team quickly mobilized, scheduling teams and arranging transport for the gearboxes to be sent to the shop for repairs.

Step 2: Efficient Disassembly and Inspection

While waiting for the necessary couplings, the team disassembled the gearboxes, removed damaged backstops and couplings, and conducted thorough inspections to identify any additional damage.

Step 3: Swift Repairs and Replacements

Once the couplings arrived, the team worked tirelessly to switch out the old couplings for the new ones, ensuring proper installation and tightening to prevent future issues.

Step 4: Laser Alignment and Quality Checks

Once the gearboxes got back to the coal mines, the team performed laser alignment and conducted comprehensive quality checks to ensure optimal performance. The gearboxes were previously installed per mine engineer specifications and not operating at optimal standards. That’s believed to have created the problem that caused the couplings and backstops to fail.

The Outcome

Despite the challenges posed by the Easter weekend, the Soles team’s dedication and expertise prevailed. By working diligently to complete the repairs and installations, they successfully restored the gearboxes and enabled the coal mines to resume operations without significant downtime.

Their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction exemplify the values we uphold at ISG. Kudos to the team for their outstanding work!